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Sift operates in the intersection of tech and legal. Founded by experienced litigators, Sift needed support from our technology and engineering experts to create the infrastructure needed to execute their innovative eDiscovery workflows. 


  • These were the challenges Sift faced:

    • Sift knew they needed a datacenter as core business infrastructure, but they lacked the capital needed to develop and deploy it.

    • They needed help to manage working capital through a line of credit. 

    • A team of litigators and data scientists, Sift lacked the IT and engineering expertise to create their datacenter. 

    • Working in legal tech means Sift needs a vast and complex tech stack to keep up with the breadth of customer requirements, and they lacked the IT support to fill the demands. 

    • Sift also lacked the accounting expertise to efficiently support A/P, A/R, tax, and P&L requirements of a business. 

    • As a growing small business, Sift needed support with HR for onboarding, payroll, and other daily HR activities.

    • The nature of Sift’s industry and customer base means they need to staff teams of expert contract attorneys quickly for new projects, and scale back down when projects conclude. They needed help to efficiently vet and manage the talent pool of contract attorneys. 

    • Sift lacked the expertise to create a marketing and sales program, as their sales had been exclusively through word of mouth through industry networks. 

    • Because Sift’s expertise had come from litigation and data, they needed to quickly transition to also becoming business people to run and scale their organization. 

    • Along with needing a datacenter, Sift also needed office space and office equipment. 

The Challenges

The Solutions

As experts in tech, the partnership with experienced litigators was the perfect fit. They brought their innovative eDiscovery approach and we helped them execute the tech infrastructure. Today, we are a leading eDiscovery vendor winning some of the largest mass tort cases in the country competing against legacy leaders.


  • Our Solutions:

    • We provided the initial capital injection needed to create the database infrastructure, as well as line of credit support, that a startup otherwise wouldn’t have been able to qualify for to manage working capital needs. 

    • Our team of IT experts and engineers supported to design, develop, deploy, and manage a secure, high-powered on-premises datacenter. Our IT team also manages Sift’s tech stack. 

    • Our Accounting team manages A/P, A/R, tax preparation and execution, and P&L development and tracking so the Sift team can focus more time winning cases and less time worrying about the books. 

    • Our HR team manages onboarding, payroll, benefits, 401k, and other daily support. 

    • We help Sift scale up quickly to meet the needs for large and fluctuating reviews. 

    • Sift leverages our graphic design team for logos, collateral, website, and more. 

    • As litigators and data scientists, Sift needed to transition to become business leaders. Our leadership team provides executive mentorship and coaching around strategy and business scaling. 

    • We provide office space and we house the datacenter to dramatically reduce overhead. 

    • They also used our existing network of business contacts to land some of their oldest and largest clients. 

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