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Our investment approach is to meet with founders on a personal level to gain insight into the unique pain points of each venture. From there, we work with the founders to leverage our capabilities to create and deploy custom solutions for both business efficiency and scaling. As an entrepreneurial investment firm, we are focused on creative problem-solving and propelling businesses to reach their fullest potential.

Unlike traditional investment firms, we take a hands-on approach by jumping into the trenches with you, supporting every aspect of your business, and aligning your success to ours. Rather than becoming merely an investment, our portfolio companies become part of the Vital Enterprises family.

As new challenges arise, our team of experienced entrepreneurs establishes new business competencies which have grown into the family of businesses known as Vital Enterprises. 


Meet Your Team


Identify Scaling Challenges and Efficiency Opportunities


Create and Deploy Custom Solutions

A Few of Our Capabilities

We support all of the businesses in our portfolio with a variety of services, meeting them wherever they need it.

While our focus is on creating custom solutions, these are a few of the needs we've met in the startup space:

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Our Approach

Product Development
Sales / Marketing


Companies, particularly in capital intensive industries like manufacturing, come to us with capital needs, whether that be a one time capital injection or ongoing working capital management. We often work closely with founders to help manage working capital with line of credit support and factoring, helping to accelerate growth.

Engineering Services / Product Development

Our hardware and software development capabilities encompass a wide range of technology disciplines and span the entirety of the engineering and product development cycle. From FPGA, layout, hardware, software, and firmware development all the way through product launch, we serve as the primary engineering provider for many leading tech firms. We’ve supported development needs across a wide range of products and technologies, including facial recognition, motion tracking, cloud engineering, autonomous driving software, environmental stress testing, mobile app development, and more. Our team works with some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Sales and Marketing

When working with new businesses, we use our in-house marketing and graphic design team for logo creation, web design, content creation, graphic design, asset creation, SEO services, and sales support. Our Vital Enterprises team has served as the primary sales and marketing program for many businesses from tech services to medical products.

Recruiting / HR

With our centralized recruiting and HR services, we understand the challenges of finding the right talent for your team – in fact, we’ve hired thousands of employees in the last two decades. We use our Recruiting and HR services to support our many companies, ramping large teams quickly. We also service external clients with teams ranging from a few positions to full teams.

Business Systems Support

AVital Enterprises, we can provide all of our companies with centralized professional services such as IT, Accounting, Consulting, and more. This allows for efficient scaling and allows founders to focus on delivering exceptional  products and services. Startups engaged with us get world-class business systems support, freeing up mindshare to attack their business mission without the headaches of managing overhead.​

Public Relations

Our PR capabilities include branding, content marketing, digital marketing, public relations, events, and association services. Specializing in tech, we expertly communicate your company’s story to the world. For example, ​we can help walk you through the entire press release process from conceptualization, drafting, proofs, and press interviews, to getting the story picked up off the wire. 


We have in-house legal counsel to assist with a wide range of legal needs. Our team can support the incorporation process, business registrations, the patent process, contract writing and negotiation, legal investigations, operating agreements, licensing, and much more. Having an in-house legal team allows your business to move quickly while making sure you continuously stay in compliance with regulations. 

And so much more...

We believe our strength is in our management team's ability to stay nimble and creative. We invite you to meet with us about your business challenges so we can work together to maximize your growth and efficiency. 

Business Systems Support
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