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The Challenges

MarqSix's mission is to deliver high-speed broadband in rural areas. Delivering rural broadband is challenging at several levels and MarqSix needed VE's support to take services to market.

These were the challenges MarqSix faced:

  • Infrastructure buildout costs in rural areas are higher than industry average due to terrain and labor availability. Further, customer density is lower resulting in larger coverage areas and initial cashflow challenges. 

  • Terrain, trees, distance, and RF interference make delivering high-speed broadband difficult in rural areas. 

  • MarqSix needed to negotiate contracts with private, state, and federal entities and needed legal support to make sure they remained in compliance. 

  • Being in a rural geography, MarqSix had challenges with hiring.

  • As MarqSix grew, they needed a way to handle HR activities like payroll, benefits, etc.

  • Coming primarily from the engineering space, MarqSix needed help developing assets like logos, mailers, signs, and a webpage. 

The Solutions

MarqSix's broadband expertise, paired with VE's engineering capabilities make this partnership the perfect fit. 

Our Solutions:

  • We provided an initial capital investment as well as ongoing working capital support. Because initial investment costs for broadband infrastructure are prohibitively expensive, MarqSix needed our initial investment to go to market. 

  • Providing a line of credit and maximizing working capital efficiency also helps to accelerate MarqSix’s growth.

  • We also created an invoicing system to support B2C customers.

  • We provided a world-class engineering team to assist MarqSix in RF design and Network Engineering. With our support, MarqSix is delivering high-speed broadband to areas that were left behind in the Digital Broadband Divide.

  • We provide expert legal advice to assist in contract negotiations with private, state, and federal identities.  This includes acquisitions and state / federal filings. 

  • We worked with MarqSix to identify and hire candidates in a geography where qualified candidates are limited. With our recruitment expertise, MarqSix is appropriately staffed.

  • Our HR team manages onboarding, payroll, benefits, 401K, and other daily support.

  • With our in-house design team, we provide marketing support for new customer acquisition campaigns, including assets such as updated logos, marketing slicks, and ongoing webpage support. 

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