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Innovative Dental Technologies (IDT) is a product company that designs, manufactures, and distributes tools to make the lives of dentists and patients easier. IDT came to us as product focused creators who faced business challenges, hindering their growth.

These were the challenges IDT faced:

  • As a products company, IDT came to us with prototypes but lacked the capital resources to take the concepts to full scale.

  • They needed a way to execute payroll and employee benefits.

  • IDT didn’t have a way to develop a P&L, track and manage funds, and prepare and execute taxes.

  • Along with managing funds, IDT didn’t have a way to efficiently track A/R and A/P.

  • As a startup, IDT struggled to get financing to manage their working capital needs through a line of credit.

  • IDT had expensive workspace leases, significantly contributing to cash burn. 

  • As product creators in the startup space, IDT leadership needed executive mentorship around negotiations, pricing strategy, product development cycles, etc. 

  • Along with business mentorship, IDT needed to develop proper operating agreements, cap tables, etc. needed to own and operate a business. 

  • They needed support developing and negotiating manufacturing contracts, and international distributor contracts.

  • IDT needed legal support with state and other business registrations, as well as patent development, filing, and tracking. 

  • They also needed legal support to manage, investigate, and work with the FDA on any complaints or issues that came up with their products. 

  • IDT had a list of note holders, warrant holders, and early investors who no longer actively supported and contributed to business success. 

  • Finally, they needed help with web page development and deployment, as well as branding and marketing materials.

The Challenges

The Solutions

Our business expertise paired with IDT's innovative approach to solving problems in the dental space made this the perfect partnership. With our support, IDT is now a highly valuable and growing business.

​Our Solutions:

  • We provided capital resources for IDT, which operates in the capital-intensive products industry. 

  • With our accounting team, IDT relies on us for P&L development and support, managing funds, and tax preparation and execution. They also work closely with our accounting team to track all A/P and A/R. In working with our accounting team to track cashflow, they also work with accounting and management to secure working capital through our line of credit support. 

  • Since IDT was cash strapped like most startups, we helped to reduce cost by providing a workspace for them, significantly reducing their expenses. 

  • As creators, the IDT team lacked business experience, so we provided executive mentorship for successful negotiations, pricing strategy, product development strategy, etc. Along with our executive mentorship, we worked with our legal team to help develop operating agreements and a cap table, both from a business management and legal perspective. Still working with our management team and legal team, we helped IDT negotiate and secure manufacturing contracts and international distribution contracts. 

  • IDT came to us needing significant legal support, and we were able to provide our in-house General Counsel team. Our GCs supported all business registrations and the patent process from development through tracking. Our legal team also supports to manage, investigate, and work with the FDA to make sure IDT’s products remain approved.

  • Our legal team and management team also assisted in buying out warrant and notes holders, as well as early investors who no longer supported or contributed to the business. 

  • Today, we continue to offer these services and more as we grow the business. Together, we provide world-class dental products to dentists and their patients. 

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