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The Challenges

Con10gency was founded with a very simple mission: Train and equip our clients to prepare for and survive the first ten minutes of an active threat or critical incident. Founded by experts in life saving tactical and medical response, Con10gency came to us to meet their business challenges to help them grow.


  • These were the challenges Con10gency faced:

    • As a startup that quickly landed large accounts, Con10gency needed working capital to manage cashflow to fulfill orders. 

    • Con10gency didn’t have an efficient way to track and manage A/P and A/R. 

    • The founders of Con10gency are experts in tactical and medical response but needed training on becoming business leaders who can deliver exceptional products and services.

    • While already well connected in their industry, Con10gency needed marketing and sales support.

    • Con10gency needed our legal team for formation, business documentation, and licensing.

    • As they grew, they needed HR support to handle their growth. They also needed professional services like payroll, benefits, and 401K. 

The Solutions

​Con10gency provides life saving medical equipment to those who need it most. With our business expertise, Con10gency can scale quickly and deliver these life saving products and services to more people, faster. 


  • Our Solutions:

    • We provide Con10gency with a line of credit which would be difficult to qualify for as a startup. 

    • Con10gency relies on our accounting team to manage A/R, A/P, and P&L development and management. Our work with cashflow management allows Con10gency to rapidly grow.

    • We provide Con10gency’s leadership team with executive coaching to help them scale their business quickly, taking their life saving products and services to more markets. We also provide a COO to help with business management and growth. 

    • Con10genecy can rely on us for sales support using our existing and growing network. We’ve helped them land clients through our networks. 

    • Con10gency uses our centralized services for HR support, managing things like payroll, benefits, and employee 401K so Con10gency can focus more time on running and growing their business.  

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